Healing Our World April 2017 : IFC

Minerals are the foundation of all life! ESSENTIAL FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH AND POWERFUL IN THEIR ABILITY TO HEAL Minerals are the catalysts for all cellular enzymatic functions. Minerals provide us with our structural support. Minerals are essential for all nerve action and energy production. Minerals must be in a proper balance for optimal health. OVER 25 MINERALS AVAILABLE! 20% OFF 12 OR MORE MINERALS 10% OFF 6–11 MINERALS Bone Support • Boron • Calcium • Chromium • Copper • Electrolytes • Immune Support Iodine • Joint Support • Magnesium • Molybdenum • Multiple Minerals • Potassium Selenium • Silica • Sulfur • Zinc 1-800-700-1169 www.eidon.com

Eidon Ionic Minerals, Inc

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