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Marijuana And Creativity: Does Marijuana Enhance Creativity?
Tom Servo

Many people throughout time have associated marijuana with creativity. Is there any truth to this association, or is it simply a superstition? On one hand, marijuana has frequently been embraced by many artists, musicians, poets and writers. On the other hand, marijuana has most likely been equally embraced by those who have probably never created a single thing in their life. So, which is it? Can marijuana actually make you more creative?

Before I completely delve into this topic, I would like to explain how I plan on writing this article: First, I will look at some of the science that supports this belief.Second, I will draw from my own personal experiences, and then draw a conclusion.So, that being said, let’s have it.

The Science: As I’ve stated in one of my previous articles, marijuana has been scientifically discovered to stimulate alpha-waves in the brain. What are alpha- waves, you’re probably wondering.Good question. Alpha-waves are a type of electromagnetic brain-wave which is believed to be linked to drowsiness, the visual cortex, and best of all, creativity.

If the science is valid, alpha-waves are related to these brain functions, and marijuana does in fact stimulate alphawaves, then all evidence would conclude that marijuana most certainly enhances creativity. However, to the best of my knowledge, the science backing this evidence is still theoretical and not fact.

Personal Experience: As an avid potsmoker/ creative person, I’ve had more than ample opportunity to explore this notion that marijuana enhances creativity, fi rst hand. So far, I’m still on the fence about it. I can say with absolute certainty that smoking marijuana definitely puts me in a more creative mood, but simply being in the mood doesn’t mean that I, nor anyone else, is actually better at being creative.

I’ve had some pretty impressive ideas, and have created some pretty impressive things while under the influence, if I do say so myself; nevertheless, I’ve often wondered if those ideas and creations could of possibly been better executed in a sober state of mind.Then again, would I have had them at all if I wasn’t stoned?

Brian Wilson, composer for the Beach Boys, has in many interviews attributed his own artistic evolution to his discovery of, and experimentation with marijuana. It has also been speculated by many that The Beatles underwent a similar evolution thanks to their own love affair with the substance.Obviously there are several, several artists who have made this claim, but I find the aforementioned to be two of the most notable, considering their phenomenal success and achievements.

So, what is the conclusion... will using marijuana make you more creative? I guess you’ll have to smoke some and find out for yourself. I’m still undecided. sociatedcontent .com/arti -cle/1079090/marijuana_and_creativity_ does_marijuana.html

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By Deepestme @ 2010-03-18 – 04:24:24 h t t p : / / d e e p e s t m e . B l o g 8197066/

I would like to send a thank you out to marijuana for helping me find my creativity again. I thought maybe it was lost forever, but it was just hiding. Playing hide and go seek with me. When I stopped talking to my imaginary friend is when I think I lost it. So she’s back, that little me that would always make comments, or counteract what I though to give me a different perspective. That not so much acceptable perspective, or the one that doesn’t conform. Little rascal was hiding behind my Cannabinoid receptors. But I think she’s back, hopefully to stay. But I shouldn’t equate this with talent or intelligence should I? That might be getting my hopes up too high. Kind of like I am right now. Everything I’m saying makes perfect sense to me but does anyone else out there understand where I’m coming from?

Jcolli (Visitor)
2010-04-08 @ 21:48:13

I Searched On Google About “Marijuana And Creativity” Trying To Find Details Or Research About The Positive Impact Of Weed For Creative People As Myself. I’m A Pretty Regular User In The Advertising Field. Although I’m Creative By Nature, I Do Think Marijuana Used Not In Excess, But Just Enough To Relax The Mind, Has Lots Of Positive Effects On Creativity.And I Don’t Buy The Argument That You Just Might Think What You’ve Come Up With Is Brilliant When You’re High, But In Reality It Just Seemed Brilliant.

My Thoughts On Your Experience Is This: I Think As People Reach Maturity In Age, They Tend To Generally Look At The World And Their Place In It - The Bigger Picture. When You Are Young, You Typically Are In Your Own Little World And Are Just Taking It In Without Any Sort Of Knowledge About Social Norms To Hinder Or Sway Your Beliefs About Something...You Are A Lot More Objective.Being A Highly Creative Person, I Guess I Never Lost That Mindset, Because I’ve Always Had My Mind On My Mind (If That Makes Sense) And A Little Less About What’s Going On Around Me At The Time. Also Kind Of Always Been A Social Rebel At Heart (Not In Appearance).Like Questioning Everything As If You’re Going To Find A Hole Somewhere In A “Solid Fact” And Also Rethinking What Has Already Been Thought. So I Totally Understand What You Mean. Being High Only Exacerbates “Going Inside Your Mind”...But It Sure Is A Lot Of Fun.As Far As Equating Creativity With Intelligence... I Think It Does In A Way. Call Me Biased, But To Me, People Whose Brains Are Like Sponges & Are Really Good At Knowing Things And Memorizing Facts And Following Rules(Like History Teachers, Math-Centric People, Etc,) Are Knowledgeable For Sure - But I Don’t See Them So Much As Intelligent. I Think Intelligence Is More Along The Lines Of Problem Solving, Finding New Solutions, And Making All Sorts Of Connections. To See Beyond What “Is” And To See “What Could Be” I Think Is The Highest Form Of Intelligence There Is.

2010-07-07 @ 16:12:36

Sadly, The Main Potential Of Marijuana Often Remains Understated As Well As Undersdescribed In The Public Debate: The Potential To Enhance Various Cognitive Abilities During A High Such As To Remember Past Events, To Hyperfocus, To Be In The Here And Now, To Recognize Patterns, To Achieve Real Self- Knowledge Through Introspection And To Empathically Understand Others. Finally, As Carl Sagan Once Stated, Marijuana Can Act As A Catalyst To Obtain Real Insights. There Is A New Book Out Now Which Explains How Marijuana Can Positively Affect Our Cognition During A High: “High. Insights On Marijuana.” By Sebastian Marincolo (Dogearpublishing 2010, Available Through Amazon). Many Stunning Reports From Marijuana Users Illustrate The Interdisciplinary Approach And Show How Many Lives Have Been Positively Enriched In Such A Magnifi - cent Way By The Use - Not Abuse - Of Marijuana.